" " Documents Scanning and Digitize Solution

Documents Scanning and Digitize Solution

In today’s world, a switch from paper-intensive processes to a digital environment is not an innovation anymore, it is an essential step for every business to survive. We have designed our Document Scanning & Data Digitization solution based on our 5 years of experience in the information management industry to help each organization address this challenge.

MEXRY’s Document Scanning & Data Digitization solution covers all aspects of paper based processes of every industry to ensure efficient document management, timely retrieval of digital documents, and integration to any database.

Enhance your productivity and improve accessibility of your records by transforming into a paperless, safe and secure environment.

Reasons to Digitize Your Data:

  • Inaccurate filling methods and activities.
  • Loss of records or chaotic distribution of information.
  • Time inefficiencies in retrieving paper-based information.
  • Unauthorized access to sensitive information.


MEXRY Document Scanning & Digitization Solution includes preparation, scanning, intelligent data capture, and then release of images with the captured data into the document management system. Projects can be done either offsite or onsite. MEXRY’s extensive and large scale technical and project management expertise in Electronic Document Management allows developing and maintaining leadership within the document scanning and management industry.

How it Works

Documents of any size and format are digitized at DEH’s or at client’s facility:

  • Wide or Sensitive Formats such as Engineering Drawings, Maps, Newspapers, Scrapbooks and Photographs
  • Series / Batch scanning such as financial reports
  • Book scanning including Laboratory Notebooks, Historical Vital Records
  • Micrographics such as Microfilm Scanning, Microfiche Scanning, Aperture and Card Scanning
  • Data is automatically captured from digitized files of any volume.
  • Quality control is conducted on images and captured data.
  • Digital files (PDF, PDF/A , TIFF, TIF or JPEG) are easily accessible.

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Efficiency: Automated data capture and retrieval of your digital records in a fast, efficient and accurate way.
Accessibility: Authorized and secure access to your digital files anytime and from any device.
Confidentiality: All electronic information is encrypted. Security module allows customizing access levels.
Cost–effectiveness: Cutting expenses on office space used for physical archives storage.

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