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Success Stories

Simplest data annotation tool for your labelling

DEH provides data labelling tool for image, video & text annotation to drastically speed up training sets and other ML oriented tasks. It is also the most efficient way to collaborate on annotation projects...

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Success Stories

DEH Tasks Our Crowdsourcing Platform

Our platform now includes several people from all over the world, Each and every one of our registered users has entrusted us with numerous details about their person and skills in order to be offered suitable ...

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Document Scanning and Digitize Solution

In today’s world, a switch from paper-intensive processes to a digital environment is not an innovation anymore, it is an essential step for every business to survive. We have designed our Document Scanning &am...

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DEH – Your Best Data Solutions Co. in MENA | Egypt

Do you wish to know how our team performs the best in class data solutions work in Egypt? Are you eager to understand our work methodologies and partner with us for your business database? Come aboard to see wh...