Corporate Transcription Services

If you are having recordings of audios or videos of corporate or business world meetings, seminars, webinars, etc.

and want them converted into proficient transcripts, then outsourcing corporate transcription services is the best alternative for you.

 Every organization has to record business meetings or conference calls for future references.

This work needs concentration and only the experts who have high skills in this work can transcript best results.

If you choose an outsourcing partner company in Egypt, it will get you access to expert transcribers at affordable rates. 

Data Entry Hub Egypt is a reliable corporate transcription company offering professional help to your non-core work as transcription of your recordings. When you have these files in audio or video formats, then outsourcing this work to experts will get you more accurate results.

Keeping these records is very important as they can be used for future decision making and thus, they should be transcribed very precisely with details covered properly.

Outsourcing corporate transcription services can get you access to skilled people without any disturbance in your core business operations. 

Consequently, you will also get the benefit of high customer satisfaction.

Data Entry Hub Egypt is a steadfast partner company trusted by numerous clients from the USA,


Our Corporate Transcription Services Offering

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    Interview Transcripts
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    Conference Transcripts
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    Seminar Transcripts
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    Business Transcripts
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    Focus Group Transcripts
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    General Transcripts
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    Audio/Video Transcripts