Dissertation Transcription Services

As a university student pursuing higher education, you must be having a lot of research and thesis work to do.

We are here to help you in the dissertation and compilation of your research data. As an MBA, M. Phil or PhD, you must be having a lot of tasks to perform while writing your research stuff and projects. 

This includes audio data as well in the form of interviews, group discussions, lectures, etc. as well which need to be transcribed efficiently.

As a professional dissertation transcription outsourcing company, we offer you the best quality transcription results that give you high accuracy and fast turnaround time at very affordable pricing.

You can get the transcription of research files, audio and video recordings of lectures, seminars, conferences, etc. in your desired format as approved by the university.

When you outsource the dissertation transcription, you get the proper time for research work and studies along with easy access to all the thesis papers and other materials.

Our outsourcing services of the dissertation help the students to balance between the universities and career goals.

Choose Data Entry Hub Egypt as your success partner today and get definite results without fail.


Our Dissertation Transcription Services Offering

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    Classroom lectures
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    Thesis transcription
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    Group discussions
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    Focus group studies
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    Research papers and more.