Banking & Finance

Banking and finance industry face numerous challenges such as fierce competition from other financial institutions.


The constant battle for timely delivery and cheaper prices, place immense pressure on the clients pertaining to the Logistics industry.

Real Estate & Architecture

Real estate, architecture, engineering, construction industry is vulnerable to market fluctuations.

Robotics & Automation

Robots are becoming more commonplace. It takes a lot of data for them to recognize their surroundings and train them to perform a certain task.

Information Technologies

Information Technologies industry is dynamic & organizations in this sector should tackle security issues.

Media & Entertainment

Transforming digital technologies and new avenues puts a lot of pressure on the clients in the media and entertainment industry.


Change in consumer buying patterns and advancements in technology are the major challenges faced by e-commerce companies and retailers.


The insurance industry has its own fair share of challenges including data security, data accuracy, over-regulation, changing customer behavior, etc.


Clients belonging to the healthcare industry are constantly facing several challenges such as higher healthcare costs, patient data privacy issues.

Energy & Utilities

Planning and managing resource constraints and adapting to evolving regulatory norms pose huge threat to clients in the energy and utilities industry.


Our clients belonging to the automobiles industry face several challenges like overcapacity, sustainability, and globalization.


Education sector experiences increasing competition. Clients in this industry are forced to focus on increasing enrollments & providing quality education.


The constantly changing buying preferences of the customer and rapidly changing demands are some of the key challenges faced by the e-commerce industry today.

Staffing and Recruiting

DEH provides recruitment and Staff Leasing for offshore Companies across multiple industries in need of full-time English-speaking, college educated employees in Egypt at affordable rates.

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