Robotics & Automation


Services for Robotics & Automation Industry

It takes a lot of data for them to recognize their surroundings and train them to perform a certain task.

The more accurately the data is annotated the better robots perform their tasks. We can annotate different types of data using a variety of annotation modes according to your needs.

For instance, 2D and 3D bounding boxes (cuboids), semantic segmentation, polygons, key points, landmarks, polylines, tagging, among others.


Robotics & Automation sectors we served include

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    Logistics & Supply Chain Management

    We handle a wide range of labeling requirements. This ranges from basic 2D bounding boxes all the way to semantic segmentation and cuboids. Image, video, or 3D cuboids annotation for Logistics Management

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    Manufacturing & Industrial Automation

    We provide an accurate and detailed ground truth data set for all manufacturing tasks from quality control, environment perception, to safety monitoring, or car manufacturing.

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    We label data regardless of the volume and complexity for Inventory Handling, Inventory Sorting, Waste Management, Robotics Automation, Industrial Robot Navigation.

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    Robotics In Agriculture

    Accurately annotated data for robotics in agriculture for new and improved methods of crop cultivation and farming activities.

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    Robotics In Healthcare

    Robotics and AI are now simplifying the lives of medical professionals. We assist healthcare researchers develop next-generation AI solutions to help tackle new healthcare challenges.

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    Robotics In Defense & Security

    We help you leverage the advantage of AI with high-quality data annotation for autonomous security robots, self-piloting drones, AI pilots, autonomous vehicles safety, autonomous navigation.