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Our Solutions

Data Annotation Services

MEXRY offer accurately annotate your Text, Image, Audio, and Video data to improve your Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models

Data Transcription Services

MEXRY offer 100% human-generated transcription service to convert Audio and Video files, Interviews, Seminars, Lectures, etc. into easily readable text.

Web Scraping Services

MEXRY provide the best web data scraping service in MENA as well as provide dedicated and well-managed web crawling and scraping services for enterprises and startups. Our professional data scraping services prove to be a helping hand in your business growth.

Data Entry Services

MEXRY is committed to ensuring that you have enough time to focus on the core of your business. It does this by providing timely and accurate data entry services whenever you want them.

Document Scanning & Digitize Services

MEXRY aim to reducing the company and individual costs associated with hard copy practices. We seek to provide you with the convenience of scanning and OCR services.

Data Processing Services

At MEXRY, we pride in offering unmatched data processing services. If you are looking for invoice processing, rebate processing and document processing services, we got you covered. Besides, we offer data mining, data cleaning.

Back Office Services

MEXRY offer to you skilled professionals with domain expertise and operational excellence to get tasks done quickly and correctly every time. Let your teams focus on the skills that drive your growth, and our people can handle the rest of back office tasks.

AI Data Collection Services

MEXRY delivering AI training data (text, image, audio, video) to the world’s leading AI companies

Content Moderation Services

MEXRY offer content moderation service to ensure the reputation of your company while improving the brand image, product and services in the marketplace and website.