" " Scanning and Digitize more than 70K house electricity bills

Scanning and Digitize more than 70K house electricity bills


Initially MNHD was established with the primary objective of developing 40ml sqm of land in Nasr City as well as other nearby areas on the outskirts of Cairo. Since then, with a capable team of over 450 professionals, MNHD has developed mega projects and infrastructures across Egypt, serving the needs of thousands of middle-income Egyptians.

With its restructuring, MNHD has expanded its target audience to capitalize on potential opportunities in the upper end class of the real estate market. Building on inherent capabilities and strengths of MNHD, the company has launched two new mega mixed use residential projects. To that end it has contracted the services of world renowned architecture companies to develop the master plan to align with their vision of creating a destination with all its facets rather than just another housing development project. Conforming to international standards Taj City is envisioned to be Cairo’s cultural destination and Sarai to be Cairo’s entertainment destination. The master plan of Taj City was developed by DDS & Partners, a renowned Belgian firm while the master plan of Sarai was developed by internationally recognized architectural firm Benoy.



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Scanning and digitizing more than 70K house electricity bills for Taj City residential compound.

The client need to scan and digitize electricity bills for more than 20K housing units and villas, and the bills have been accumulating for more than 3 years, and the customer needs to convert them to a digital copy in less than a month.



We already had many scanning machines like hp and RICOH, we immediately start work as soon as we received the bills and started scanning and digitizing.

We divided the team into groups, each group responsible for the amount of required bills, and they had to finish the bills scan on time and with high quality without mistakes in the bills numbers.



We have already succeeded in completing scan and digitization for more than 70K house electricity bills for Taj City residential compound of the MNHD company, and counting the total accounts for the bills for each housing unit without mistakes in the bills account numbers.