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Audio Transcription Services

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Transcription is the conversion of audio files into text ones. This format conversion solves many issues regarding record maintenance and future reference data.

Many organizations want their conference calls, seminars, the employee meets, telecalls, etc.

to be transcribed in order to understand the workflow of all these activities and make strategic changes accordingly.

Outsourcing audio transcription services will help you in focusing more on the core business while your extended team performs transcription for you.

MEXRY Egypt is a renowned transcription outsourcing company staffed with expert transcribers and equipped with the latest tools and technology.

Promising solutions await you here under the hands of our competent team who have served global clientele from various nations like the UK, UAE, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

Our tailored solutions will solve all your transcription queries with timely delivery.

Get the beneficial outsourcing services at pocket-friendly prices and race through this cutthroat competition to the top.

Range of industries

Music Transcription
Radio Show
WMA Transcription
News & Talk
Show Transcription
Voice Transcription

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