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CD/ DVD Transcription Services

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Are you looking for audio/ video records to be transcribed in the form of a CD or DVD? Are you having large audio data to be transcribed meticulously at low costs? MEXRY Egypt is an Egypt based transcription services provider outsourcing company that offers the best quality CD and DVD transcription services.

If you are having tapes, cassettes or CDs and DVDs to transcribe, we are your destination point for all kinds of transcription services at low costs and high-end accurate results.

Outsource CD transcription and DVD transcription services to our expert verbatim to avail the benefits of our latest tools and software available at cost-effective prices.

Outsourcing to our Egypt based company will allow you to focus on the core business operations and also save a lot on time and money.

Get a quote today for your CD/ DVD transcription project and become one of our satisfied clientele from across the world.

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