Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) dictate a new approach to
business – one that requires plenty of data. Pick the best data annotation
outsourcing service for computer vision while saving money and time!

Data Entry Hub is the complete solution to better manage your training data, image, video, text, pdf, voice: a software for fast annotation, simple collaboration, quality control, data management, and labelling workforce. Available either online or on-premise, to match all requirements. Efficient, it helps machine learning teams iterate quicker. Simple, it allows to leverage last machine learning technics either on computer vision (image, video) or on NLP (text, pdf, voice) topics. Collaborative, it eases the onboarding of business experts & external workforce to scale projects.

What We Offer

Image Processing/Annotation

Human-annotated data is more accurate and of higher quality than data annotated by a machine. To guarantee an excellent machine learning experience, Data Entry Hub finds specialists with the necessary skills to provide 2D bounding boxes, polygons, semantic segmentation, labelling, and point and landmark annotations. Our experts process images so that machines can see the world as humans. Choose Data Entry Hub as your data labelling services provider.

Text Annotation

If you need to organize and process large files and collections of files, it’s best to delegate these tasks to a team of Data Entry Hub experts. Our teams can provide classification and keyword tagging, named-entity recognition, relationship extraction, sentiment analysis, and text categorization.

Speech Recognition

Businesses that need online speech recognition technologies should pay attention to our voice recognition services. With a team that interprets audio, you can write documents, control functions of various devices, and pull up information using voice input only. This is a hot trend, and we’ll help you keep up with it.

Video Annotation

Our experts work with the top annotation tools for computer vision. We’ll annotate your videos by converting each into a set of frames and reconstructing it after annotation is complete. With Mindy experts, you’ll get steady object tracking to label videos fast. The accuracy of object tracking and video annotation depends on your annotators; we’ll set you up with the best.

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Many businesses today are looking for 3D point cloud processing. We can provide you with a team of specialists to collect data points of the models from real-world in three dimensions. Our specialists can also apply 3D segmentation to define the motion of objects in a video and draw 3D cuboids around objects to detect them. This service is affordable with a Mindy Support team.



Medical image annotation is an in-demand labelling technique, one which few companies are able to accomplish. If you need your data annotated by certified professionals, you are in the right place. We can collect medical imagery on-demand and annotate it with the highest possible accuracy.

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Are you excited about the progress being made in the robotics industry? We are here to support the development of computer vision-based AI models in this sector.. Image annotation use cases in robotics include object detection, environment perception, inventory handling, quality control, predictive maintenance, waste management.

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Waste Management

Waste management and recycling are increasingly important in our global struggle against plastic waste. We annotate data for sorting facilities, including: management of medical and biohazard waste, recyclable waste, marking annotation, aerial annotation for waste management, waste categorization.

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Smart check-outs, stock management, planogram improvements, sentiment analysis, in-store traffic analysis, loss prevention, face recognition for loyalty programs, virtual fitting rooms.

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