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Logistics Data Entry Services

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In the last few years, there is a drastic growth in the logistics industries, as logistic services came into the picture.

It is a critical task to manage the information about logistic vehicles, goods transportation, location and distance traveled, etc.

As a logistics service providing company you must have a lot of data to be entered in your database for the records of your customers.

If you want to get back in touch with them, you can have their records noted in your database.

As data entry is not a part of your business.

It requires a professional to be hired who has all the knowledge of the logistics industry.

Outsource logistics data entry services to our company, as we assure you high-quality services with the best efficiency and fast turnaround time that leads your business to the competitive edge.

If you focus on your core business, it will increase your sales and give you financial benefits.

Outsource logistics data entry work for top quality and reliable results. Avail the benefits of the outsourcing company and get high core competence.

Choose MEXRY as your outsourcing partner for logistics data entry services at affordable prices.

Our Logistics Data Entry Services Offering

Freight Bill
Data Entry
Freight Bill
Invoice Generation
Calculation of Input
Purchase Order
Driver Log Entry
VFD Codes
NAFTA Status
Internal Auditing
Bill of Lading
Data Entry
Claim Dispute

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