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Medical Records Documents Scanning Services

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Medical records scanning services enables healthcare professionals to access and manage patient information much more easily than with paper charts. As technology improves and pressures for HIPAA compliance increase, there is a growing need to digitize and back up patient records electronically.

While scanning small amounts of records going forward may be no problem to handle in-house, digitizing and indexing large volumes of active and inactive patient charts can be a nightmare to take on yourself. After all, you and your staff have more important things to do besides scanning medical records – like treating patients!

We specialize in the digitization of patient charts and all other types of medical records. Our implementation team is trained to format all converted data for a seamless integration with Electronic Medical Records Systems (EMR) and Electronic Health Records Systems (EHR) of any type. MEXRY has converted millions patients charts to electronic medical records for private practices, hospitals and clinics over the past years and counting.


Electronic medical records are organized and formatted digitally to match their paper originals so they can be searched and accessed with ease. Not only can you search for specific patients by name, date of birth, ID number, etc., but each patient chart can be further organized by the type of document in their chart, dates of visits, tests or any other criteria that makes sense for your office. We can also process the electronic medical records to bookmarked and OCR fully searchable PDF files.

Imagine having immediate, digital access to all of your patient chart files from a device you can hold in your hands. Shelves upon shelves of paper medical records can be eliminated, stored digitally and made easily accessible.

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