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Robotics & Automation

Robotics and Automation takes a lot of data for them to recognize their surroundings and train them to perform a certain task.

Staffing & Recruiting

Data Entry Hub provides recruitment and staff Leasing for offshore Companies across multiple industries in need of full-time English-speaking, college educated employees.

Information Technologies

for IT companies, it is important to concentrate not only on their core competencies but also handle the tasks.

Banking & Finance

Data Entry Hub understand the industry of banking & finance inside-out and are able to identify the exact needs of the client and provide the services accordingly.

Real Estate & Architecture

Real estate business deals with a lot of paperwork, and professionals working in a real estate firm are left with the painful headache of sifting through lots of paperwork.


The clients from the global logistics industry are always in a constant battle of providing cheaper prices and timely delivery.

Our expertise is your gain

Data Entry Hub is located in EGYPT and it’s part of data solutions, digital transformations and artificial intelligence (AI) training Industry. Data Entry Hub have more than 70 employees in office and remotely. Data Entry Hub served more than 105 companies In different industries like artificial intelligence, eCommerce, Real Estate, etc., with high quality services and satisfying feedbacks.

Customer Satisfaction 93.7%
Team Performance 91.4%
Experience 96.8%


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What Our Costumers Say?

  • Data Annotation for Geospatial Datasets

    Our Geospatial annotation services use the images of maps to transform the state of data visualization. Label your Geospatial AI and aerial training data with Data Entry Hub.

    September 29, 2022
  • Training Data for AI in Construction

    Data Entry Hub offers a one-stop solution for computer vision training data needs for AI in construction. We are providing the data labeling for AI in Construction with annotation and tagging for the person, building layout, and aerial view monitoring of the entire project or buildings completed or going under construction.    

    September 29, 2022

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