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Staffing & Recruiting

We offer high performing offshore teams in Egypt. Our virtual and offshore teams power growth for some of the world’s biggest brands. Our unique offshoring model allows you to build an offshore team with inhouse ownership.

MEXRY provides recruitment and Staff Leasing for offshore Companies across multiple industries in need of full-time English-speaking, college educated employees in Egypt at affordable rates.

How It Works?

Free Initial Consultation
Calibration meeting with Client and MEXRY HR Team to discuss specific talent needs, goals and job descriptions for your future team in Egypt. During this initial meeting, we will also outline potential costs and salaries for your intended positions.

Sourcing & Initial Interview
We leverage our excellent employer branding and reputation to attract the best possible talent in Egypt. We tap multiple job portals, social media platforms, engage executive search techniques and roll out Employee Referral programs to gather resumes.

Contract Signing
Once successful candidates are identified, MEXRY prepares the employment offer and contract, then extends them as soon as approval is received.  Compensation and benefits packages, as well as KPIs, are clearly defined and start date is agreed upon with candidates.

Employee Onboarding & Set up
Upon employee signing, we provide the facilities, IT, and all the tools and equipment your offshore team requires to deliver the results you need. We can place your team at any of our fully equipped and flexible office spaces in Cairo, Egypt.

Continuous DEH Support
The HR, Admin and IT team at MEXRY will be at you and your new employees disposal allowing you to focus on core objectives and manage your offshore team directly.

Positions You Can Outsource to MEXRY

Data Entry Specialists

One of the very first things to be outsourced to MEXRY more than 5 years ago was data entry which is the act of transcribing written documents into digital data, or of transcribing one type of digital data into another.

Virtual Assistants (VA)

VAs are generalists who can wear many hats at the same time. Contrary to popular belief this is not a low-level job. A great VA or Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) has to be sharp and a mid to high-level person.

Lead Generators

We build Lead Gen teams who generate leads using LinkedIn. Our lead generators will do high-volume outreach, start conversations, book appointments, and ultimately, help your Sales Department close more deals than ever.

Salesforce Administrator

Hire a Salesforce system administrator who has the necessary expertise and experience with using one of the world’s top CRMs. Through MEXRY Outsourcing you can get access to certified specialists.

Product Catalog Specialist

Hire a product catalog specialist who can develop and enrich your catalog and taxonomy for better navigation and improved user experience on your site.

Live Chat Specialists

Companies spend a fortune driving visitors to their website. But all too often, they don’t have a real live human being there to greet them. Don’t use a chatbot. Provide your customers a better experience with real humans on the other end of the chat.

Logistics Coordinators

We work with logistics companies to build remote teams of Logistics Coordinators to improve the efficiency of their supply chain management while increasing margins, these teams do a wide variety of tasks.

Sourcing Specialists

Think about all the steps in the recruitment life-cycle that can be off-loaded to MEXRY. Scouring LinkedIn for candidates, reaching out to them to set appointments, screening resumes, checking references, and performing background checks.

Product Data Entry Specialist

Hire product data specialists who will be on top of enriching, organizing, and maintaining your product information. With keen attention to detail, they will be responsible for entering product information such as SKU, product description, features and bullets, product tags, amazon product data entry.

Email Specialists

MEXRY handle high-volumes of Email tickets for your business. Just as when hiring any new employee the key to managing email support teams, like any other is to set specific deliverables processes and KPIs.


Our outsourced accounting and bookkeeping professionals do a wide range of tasks including maintaining a company’s financial reports, keeping accounting records, generating invoices, Etc.


Internet Researchers use their strong computer skills and search experience to navigate the Internet and find valuable data. Keeping track of your competitors, and knowing what they charge for their products or services, is critically important to many companies.

eCommerce Product Data Specialist

Whether it be Amazon, Shopify or other eCommerce marketplace or platform, our recruitment team can help you find the most suitable product data management specialist who will be in charge of supporting your Ecommerce team.

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