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MEXRY is one of the leaders in the outsourcing industry and a frontrunner in offering quality data processing services to its clients worldwide. The company offers a wide range of services to medium and big sized companies and MNCs based in Egypt, Dubai, KSA, Kuwait, and African countries.

As you can learn for yourself the real estate business deals with a lot of paperwork, and professionals working in a real estate firm are left with the
painful headache of sifting through lots of paperwork.

Real Estate Data Extraction

MEXRY also helps their clients by salvaging the depths of the internet & seeking information that can be valuable to your real estate business. This could relate to competitor information or merely getting information on the current market trends.

Real Estate and Mortgage Document Scanning

Digital documents are easier to secure, can be accessed from anywhere, and eliminate cabinets full of files in the office. Every file and sheet will be indexed
with the option to be editable, including the ability to digitally review and sign documents remotely. Conveniently schedule meetings and closings with clients
at a time and place that is conducive for them. Converting to a paperless office can be one of the easiest ways to store and access any real estate and mortgage documents.

Our Real Estate Data Collection Services

Extract Data from Real Estate websites about Competitor information, their offering & pricing.
1. We Extract accurate Property listings
2. accurate Property prices
3. accurate Property availability on website
4. Extract or download Property Images
5. accurate Property ads
6. accurate Property categories — to buy, to
rent, to lease
7. accurate Property buy, to rent, to lease Details
8. accurate Property details or specifications
9. accurate Property agents, brokers, owners,
10. accurate Offers and promotions from website
11. accurate Reviews & comments
12. accurate Contacts Detail
13. accurate Agents Information
14. accurate Agents Email Address

Real Estate Data Cleansing

The highly populated database can also be found in a real estate business. Talk about property agents, sellers, and buyers directory and you will surely have loads of it in your system. Even property appraisal computation and their logs can consume storage server space. Through our real estate data cleansing services, our clients will operate in their business with a smooth and streamlined process.

Real Estate Form Processing

Whether you have a raw hard copy of forms or something that is accomplished online, our people are all set to conduct the necessary conversion and processing of these forms for every real estate transaction of the business

Real Estate Data Enrichment

Turn your real estate web portal into a usable page as we will guide you on how to keep up the relevant information in the industry to be available and accessible in your portal.

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