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MEXRY, has been offering a motley range of data solutions, digital transformation and data annotation for AI since 2019.

Over these exhilarating years, we have grown, diversified our skills and capabilities and established ourselves as one of the most trusted and well-known names in the field of data entry and data processing solutions. Our reliability, accuracy and speed in turning around projects have earned us a prestigious and loyal client base spread across the world.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate professionals with the relevant experience to match.

Why choose us

Quality Control

The error rate of less than 01% and unparalleled security- we’ve never had a data breach or lost any data to a server, network or power outage- makes MEXRY choice for an outsourcing partner.

Highly Professional

Our knowledgeable and highly-trained professional team can deliver what you ask for, whatever the mission is difficult.

High Process

Delivering gold-standard data that is consistent, complete and accurate is complex work. But it’s what we always deliver because we adhere to the highest quality standards as well as stringent and proven controls and checkpoints.


We use the power of our global crowd of MEXRY to generate, validate and label data, Order AI training data that is specifically tailored to the requirements and goals of your AI system.

More than 5 Years
of Experience

We work with ambitious leaders who want their future to be successful and help them achieve extraordinary outcomes.


Projects Completed


Satisfied Customers


Workers Employed

Our Mission

  • Leverage our experience and manpower to ensure that you and your business are able to keep up with the daily challenges that your business faces.
  • Offloading your tasks to our Remote Coworkers allows you to delegate tasks that eat a lot of your time enabling you to focus on what is important to the operation of your business.

Our Vision

  • The trusted partner that takes a proactive approach to your tasks.
  • Fellow small business owners that understands your day-to-day needs.
  • The built-in Outsourcing staff that’s always there when you need us.
  • a fusion of amazing people, culture, innovation, technology and ideas.

Our Values

  • Working together as a team and communicate clearly.
  • Thinking outside the box, challenge constructively and act before others do.
  • Creating a positive place to work and supporting ethical initiatives.
  • Always deliver exceptional quality, accomplish and improve.

Our History

  • 2019

    We started with a few employees and then got a few projects from some big partnerships and that was a huge boost to us as a startup.

  • 2020

    Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we increased the number of the team and they were working remotely from home and we got a good number of projects from big companies despite the pandemic at that year.

  • 2021

    The world was begin recovering from the covid-19 pandemic and the economy is gradually recovering, and we have acquired several large projects from foreign countries such as China and Germany, and we have increased the number of the team again to cover the new projects that we have acquired.

  • Present

    At the present time, we started to increase the number of projects and increase the services we provide. We are looking forward to expanding the company’s activity further and with many countries. We have already begin to increase projects related to e-Commerce, artificial intelligence (AI) and scanning & digitize.