" " Data Annotation Specialist

Data Annotation Specialist

We are looking for a Data Annotation Specialists have strong computer skills because work involves reviewing material on computers and using computers to categorize content. also have good organizational skills because it is important that they establish proper classifications and apply them appropriately. Attention to detail is important because they may work with similar images, videos or material and need to take note of any distinctions between the content.


  • Annotate and label data/content using annotation tools.
  • Locate, label and categorize various elements in large textual and image/video datasets.
  • Implement annotation procedures to achieve consistent annotation.
  • Report and document issues with annotation tools and processes.
  • Provide feedback for efficient labeling and to improve data quality.
  • Conduct linguistic analysis of annotation edge cases.
  • Actively contribute to the continuous learning mindset of the organization by bringing in new ideas and perspectives that stretch the thinking of the group.


  • Familiarity with industry annotation and labeling methods.
  • 1-2 years of experience in annotating large datasets.
  • Speed and accuracy.
  • Experience with MS Office and MS Excel.
  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Excellent knowledge of correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Keep Confidentiality.
  • Organization skills, with an ability to stay focused on assigned tasks.