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Conference Call Transcription Services

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A conference or seminar is where one or more speakers talk about a particular issue to one or more audience members.

In conferences, there is a particular class of audience or a company’s staff gathered for a discussion on a particular topic.

The transcription of such conferences is essential for further references and to get the points discussed on paper.

It is not possible to remember all the points discussed at a conference and note them down.

Thus, it requires audio or video recordings with a featured tool to convert the conferences in a handy transcript with required formatting and template.

Outsourcing conference transcription services to MEXRY Egypt is the best option you can choose for your company.

Our conference transcription company specializes in offering a wide range of transcription services with the help of a dedicated team of transcribers that are trained and skilled with the latest tools and techniques.

We offer various affordable transcription services like audio, video, legal, academic, business, student, sermon, podcasts, etc. to clients from the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada.

As conferences are part of every business, we have been serving various industries like medical, legal, educational, real estate, restaurant, design, engineering, etc. for five years.

Avail of our outsourcing solutions well within your budget today!

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