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Dictation Transcription Services

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In dictation transcription services, we convert your dictated audio recordings into text files.

This work creates trouble if you are not having enough tools and resources to perform dictation-transcription of your very important discussions or debates in-house on time.

In dictation transcription service, professional transcribers hear the dictated audios carefully and convert them into Text, Word, Excel, PDF, etc. form precisely.

This makes your data storage and access easier and efficient.

Outsourcing dictation transcription services to Egypt is the best solution for your smooth business operations.

MEXRY Egypt offers you excellent quality tailored transcription services to solve your business operations queries of transcription for all audio and video recordings.

We provide accuracy and speed as per your desired standard quality results.

Our transcribers are trained to transcribe even the most complex audio files within your time range.

Avail of our advantageous outsourcing solutions today and ask for a Free Trial Run of your sample project.

Our Dictation Transcription Services Offering

Lecture Dictation
Medical Dictation
Court Hearings
Conference Call
Video Call

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