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Education Documents Scanning Services

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Public schools, universities & private institutions have a growing need to effectively manage all of the paperwork for their students and faculty – past and present. Smooth Solutions offers a variety of document scanning solutions to ensure your school has easy access to all of its important records.

In many cases, educational institutions are legally required to store records for a certain number of year or even permanently. In the past this meant your facility needs the ability to house and access millions of pages of paper documents. But now you can utilize our specialized service to accurately scan and index your documents, enabling you to fit all the necessary archives electronically.

Digital documents save you time and space. This is something that can help any educational institution. You can even share necessary records with students, teachers, and/or other institutions quickly and easily.

After scanning, we can convert your documents to PDF files utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which makes them searchable PDFs. We can also bookmark or index your documents based on any criteria you choose such as student name, date of birth, date, record type, etc.

Properly scanned and indexed documents can be searched for and accessed in a matter of seconds. We can also format your electronic documents appropriately for integration with your Electronic Document Management System.

Our Education Documents Scanning Services Offering

Digitize Student
Digitize Human
Resources Files
Digitize Film
Slides & Negatives
Digitize Transcripts
& Grade Reports
Digitize Payroll
Digitize Videotapes
& Audio Cassettes
Digitize Registrar
& Admission Files
Digitize Financial
Aid Applications
Digitize 8mm,
Super 8 &
16mm Film
Digitize Historical
Books & Newspapers
Digitize Microfilm
& Microfiche
Digitize Analog

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