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As universities and students have a large study material to go through and important lectures to attend carefully.

You might also need to access the data in a manageable text format. In educational transcription, we have filed for research work, thesis, lectures and seminars.

Outsourcing the same can save you time and get you accurate transcribing work at a very affordable price.

When you outsource the educational transcription work to a reliable and trusted educational transcription company, you can focus on other university work or assignments efficiently.

The professional transcribers at MEXRY Egypt are trained to get accurate results and proficient in working within the timelines.

Educational transcription covers the universities, institutions, lecturers and students studies, work and project work.

It transcribes audio and video files of presentations and lectures, when you cannot focus on the lectures or are unable to understand the lectures audio or video files.

Outsourcing the educational transcription will get the best quality of transcription work with a fast turnaround time.

Avail of our beneficial services today and contact our customer support team for more details.

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