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Historical Documents Scanning Services

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Historical documents, records and texts are typically very old, fragile and one of a kind. Digitizing these old documents properly is essential in order to capture and preserve the history and information they contain.

Historical document scanning requires great care, experience and highly specialized equipment. With many years of experience, MEXRY has successfully completed numerous historical document scanning projects.

Colleges, museums, libraries, American Legion’s, Historical Societies, non-profits and more rely on Smooth Solutions to accurately digitize their priceless document archive. Scanning and indexing these precious archives allows organizations to easily make this history digitally available for those in the community who wish to review and appreciate it.

Once digitized and made available online, historically significant original documents can be stored remotely in an atmosphere that will prevent further natural degradation and aging. With historical document scanning, it is possible to preserve valuable originals while also making them available to the general public.

MEXRY has specialized scanning equipment designed to capture and archive historical documents at the highest possible quality. Our highly trained technicians have the experience to handle even the most fragile of texts.

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