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Image Annotation Services

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From smart cars and smart cities to improved smartphone cameras and security surveillance, image annotation is a specialty that MEXRY excels for clients around the world. Using MEXRY AI data, we can enhance your AI-enabled machines as they use computer vision to detect patterns with image training data.

We can help AI-enabled companies create training data sets and develop cutting-edge machine learning algorithms for any industry. In fact, our skilled workforce helps annotate images using a series of precise manual processes and high-end technology software to deliver image annotation faster so you can build your models quicker and more efficiently.

Unfortunately, in absence of skilled annotators, organizations often end up facing a set of challenges such as capturing precise context of any image, attentive comprehension and attention to detail, face recognition and subsequent analysis, maintaining security compliances among others. On the whole, this process doesn’t just demand high precision and knowledge but demands time and investment; which is why is makes more business sense to outsource image annotation services to an established partner.

Image Annotation Services Include

Bounding Boxes
3D Cuboids
Polygon Annotation
Line Segmentation
Landmark Annotation

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