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Legal Documents Scanning Services

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MEXRY has many years of experience scanning legal documents and our team is well versed in the needs of the legal industry. We work with law offices and legal departments across various industries helping them to digitize, index and effectively manage important documents electronically.

We have the capacity to convert high volumes of legal documents quickly and efficiently because of our army of scanners and highly trained conversion staff. Our dedication to customer service and Proven Workflow Process ensures that all documents are prepped, scanned, indexed, processed and delivered on time with high accuracy.

Once all of your legal documents are converted to electronic format you will be able to search, view, and distribute important documents with ease. Documents are captured and indexed according to key descriptive data that will allow users to find and access vital information within seconds.

Instead of manually searching through files upon files, you can simply type in a client name, case number, description of work, etc. and retrieve the proper documentation. Unique identifiers such as case number, account number, and customer ID are excellent index fields for retrieving files. Electronic documents can all so be made into fully searchable PDF files by utilizing OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition).

Our Legal Documents Scanning Services Offering

Digitize Affidavits
Digitize Court
Digitize Litigation
Digitize Briefs &
Digitize Historical
Books Documents
Digitize Photographs
& Film Documents
Digitize Blueprints
& Drawings
Digitize Bankruptcy
Digitize Foreclosure

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