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Media & Publishing Documents Scanning Services

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A company’s reputation is built on the work they do and how well they do it. Media & Publishing companies rely on their old analog media to show the company history and growth. By digitizing past newspapers & magazines, along with slides & negatives you can easily show your portfolio to perspective clients, share them with readers online, and reference old editions when designing the latest issues.

We have worked with a number of Media & Publishing companies throughout our many years history, scanning anything from 35mm slides to published magazine archives. Our expert scanning technicians are trained to capture the highest quality digital images on our state of the art digital archival equipment. All media assets are delicately handled with to ensure ultimate preservation.

When we scan your archived magazines and newspapers to digital, MEXRY convert each issue to a searchable PDF file utilizing OCR technology. This enables you to instantly search past editions for specific topics and keywords whenever necessary, saving you time and money in the long run.

Don’t allow an entire history of valuable reference materials go to waste because they are hidden away in boxes, unable to be retrieved and profited from.

Our Media & Publishing Documents Scanning Services Offering

Digitize Magazines
Digitize Newspapers
Digitize Slides
Digitize Negatives
Digitize Photographs
Digitize Loose
Digitize Illustrations
Digitize Historical

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