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Video Annotation Services

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Video annotation plays a vital role in training computer vision models by building ground truth video datasets for object detection and tracking frame by frame in a sequence of images.

However, breaking a video into minute frames and annotating each with the right metadata is painstaking and labor-intensive. It’s even more challenging than image annotation because of the inherent semantic complexities, volume of data, hundreds of possible classifiers, and data set quality compliances, among other things. Thus, it make better business sense to outsource video annotation services for maximum efficiency and minimum expenses.

MEXRY can annotate video for machine learning applications used in robotics for improved manufacturing, autonomous driving cars and even enhancing a consumer’s buying experience. What we do best is accurately capture each object in a video, frame-by-frame. We take that moving object, annotate it, and make it recognizable for machine learning. We have the people, experience and the technology to help your team gain comprehensively labeled datasets to meet any video annotation requirement.

Video Annotation Services Include

Bounding Boxes
Polygon Annotation
3D Cuboid
Line & Polyline
Frames Classification
Video Transcription
Skeletal Annotation
Video Data Analysis
Custom Annotation

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