" " Simplest Data Annotation Tool for Your Labelling

Simplest Data Annotation Tool for Your Labelling

MEXRY provides data labelling tool for image, video & text annotation to drastically speed up training sets and other ML oriented tasks. It is also the most efficient way to collaborate on annotation projects. Our customers are notably in the medical, manufacturing, retail, and banking industry etc.

Work on our simple & ergonomic interfaces, on each image labelling task, classification, object detection, segmentation. And on each text labelling task: classification, named entity recognition, OCR, speech to text. Each interface is highly customizable to adapt to the specific needs of each project. And designed to orchestrate active learning.

MEXRY’s annotation and labelling tool improve the quality and performance of your algorithm. The agile nature helps you for creating the training material, analysis of consensus, audit of production throughout and more tasks with a single interface. You can ensure the workflow and excel the data quality.

Easily collaborate with your in-house team, external workforce and even other business. You can now efficiently maintain both quality and quantity for a large volume of data.

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