Collect more than 80K Arabic photos for OCR Data Training


iFlyTec is one of leads AI Companies based in China, the company needs thousands of images for the artificial intelligence project for optical character recognition, so it asked us to collect those images in Arabic





Information Technology


Ai Image Data Collection



How is it possible to collect more than 80,000 pictures in Arabic from the street in Arab countries, which are difficult in MENA culture, in order to do this, such as pictures of shops, malls and advertising banners, in a period not exceeding two months.



Through our company’s work team and our platform for data collection, our company was able to mobilize our own forces and work hard to collect all the images and data available through our partners, in all Arab countries, more than 500 people worked on the project.



The required number of photos were collected, within the specified period, and this is what was collected.